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Anna Deavere Smith Shares Her Mentorship Story


In celebration of the inspiring work of our mentors and fellows, BKF hosted WHO’S YOUR MENTOR? on Saturday, October 11th. Guests watched on as Serra Simbeck, Kate Brumage, and José González spoke about their experiences, while a unique and intimate interview of “camera-shy” Lew Butler offered a brief history of BKF.

The speakers framed the highlight of the event – a dialogue between actress, playwright, and social commentator Anna Deavere Smith and her mentor, Joy Carlin. Anna has starred in roles from Nurse Jackie to The West Wing, while also working as a professor at New York University. Continuing her dedication to public service, she founded and directs Anna Deavere Smith Works: A Place for Artistic Excellence and Social Change to support artists who confront global issues.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Leah Garchik covered the event, including several excerpts from Anna and Joy’s conversation. Read it here.