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Our mission is to identify and mentor the next generation of public service leaders. Our model is simple and personal—we ask extraordinary leaders to mentor an emerging leader. Each mentor and fellow pair works closely together on a project for one year, during which time we fund the fellow’s salary. By directly investing in the individuals who have the greatest potential to influence others, we are accelerating the pace of positive social change.

Intergenerational collaboration is essential to strengthen the social sector during this time of profound cultural and technological transformation. Bringing a rich array of experiences and expertise to their partnership, mentors and fellows challenge one another, combining their knowledge to make new kinds of thinking possible.

Our program is strengthened by the diversity of its participants. Mentors and fellows come from a variety of backgrounds—economic, educational, and ethnic—and work in many fields, including conservation, education, media, philanthropy, and public heath. We are building a dynamic group of leaders and each new addition broadens our capacity for collaboration.

Mentors and fellows form a special community. During their service year and beyond, they gather regularly to offer mutual support, reinforcing their commitment to public service. It is our intention that these lifelong relationships will ultimately become the core of a powerful network committed to the common good.