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Fellow Sheila Bapat Opens Dialogue for Domestic Workers


BKF fellow Sheila Bapat recently published Part of the Family? Nannies, Housekeepers, Caregivers and the Battle for Domestic Workers’ Rights, which details the rise of the recent efforts for labor protection. Her work skillfully combines interviews from the movement’s activists and political analysis, providing an eye-opening perspective on why America should have domestic workers’ rights at the top of its agenda. The passion in her work is apparent, as she reflects on her experience in a society with stratified gender roles. When asked why she chose to focus on domestic workers, she told U.S. News that “it really goes back to this idea that the personal is political.”

Sheila Bapat formerly practiced employment litigation, and she is now a writer who focuses largely on gender and economic issues. Read more excerpts from her interview with U.S. News here, or catch her on her book tour through LA, Northridge, and Chicago. Dates and times can be seen on the IG Publishing website.