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Green Chicanismo?

&Quot;Siembra&Quot; By Jose GonzalezBKF fellow José González calls himself a “Green Chicano”—but what does that mean? According to José:

This will continue to be an evolving definition. I intend this to be about that are not mutually exclusive: being an environmentalist and a Chicano. To me that means pursuing an environmental ethic that benefits the communidad; to be environmentally conscious of the issues affecting the barrios and gente and work towards a betterment of a healthier human and natural environment. This can be termed “Environmental Justice” in the field, but I feel Green Chicanismo adds a flair that motivates me that much more.

José is on a quest to bring Latino voices into environmental conservation and education. As part of this work, he’s launched Latino Outdoors—visit this site to get involved. You can also learn more by following José on Twitter @Green_Chicano or @LatinoOutdoors