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Ploughshares Honors Lew Butler

0740 Ploughshares 190610
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 10 – Lewis Butler attends Ploughshares Fund – Chain Reaction 2019 on June 10th 2019 at SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco, CA (Photo – Arthur Kobin for Drew Altizer Photography)

BKF’s Founder, Lew Butler, was honored by Ploughshares Fund for “his vision and commitment to making his community, his country, and the world a better place” and in honor of his decades of service to the organization. Ploughshares Fund is the largest philanthropic organization in the country devoted exclusively to the elimination of nuclear weapons. Lew was part of the historic meeting in Sally Lilienthal’s San Francisco living room that established the idea of Ploughshares Fund and served as its Founding Chair and Chair Emeritus from 1981 to 2005. The award was presented by Rachel Pike, Sally’s granddaughter and Ploughshares Board Member, and inscribed with a quote from her grandmother:

“In this uncertain world it is essential that we be unafraid to take chances on a person with a good idea”

The award ceremony is featured in Ploughshares’ podcast “Press the Button,” which is produced by Delfin Vigil, Director of Communications and Marketing. Listen here to Senior Development Officer Bonnie Fisk recalling highlights of the night, including Lew’s award ceremony and excepts of speeches by Alex Wellerstein, Beatrice Fihn, and former California governor Jerry Brown. For a video of the awards ceremony, please follow this link. Video of the awards ceremony can be found here.

Lew Butler In Crowd
Lew with daughters Serra and Lucy, son Lewis, former CA Governor Jerry Brown, and family friend Mardi Kildebeck (Photo – Arthur Kobin for Drew Altizer Photography)