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Most of What You Believe About Poverty is Wrong

We are thrilled to announce the publication of BKF Mentor Mauricio Lim Miller’s first book, The Alternative: Most of what you believe about poverty is wrong, available now on Amazon and Lulu. His book describes the shortcomings of traditional social service agencies, how he founded the Family Independence Initiative in response to that traditional model, and how families find success in his innovative–yet simple–model of placing trust in the families’ ability to know what they need. Congratulations, Mauricio, on such a provocative work.

Praise for The Alternative

The Alternative is not only important reading, it’s imperative. Miller, a trained engineer, the one-time manager of a top social service organization and most importantly, the son of a remarkable single mother, has both lived and observed the failings embodied in our attitudes toward the poor and, as a result, the flaws in our systems meant to help people in poverty. He merges heart and soul with system thinking to yield a prescription featuring the real math, trust relationships and courage that can change the “us and them,” to “upward together” and put American families in the driver’s seat to build their futures. –Clara Miller, President of the F. B. Heron Foundation

To learn more about Mauricio, his BKF Fellow, Marcel Diallo, and the work they accomplished together, please visit: