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BKF Mentor Launches Campaign to End Campus Sexual Assault


Futures Without Violence, founded by mentor for Butler Koshland Fellowships Esta Soler, has recently initiated efforts to drastically reduce the number of sexual assaults on college campuses. Their campaign, “The OTHER Freshman 15,” calls for students, parents, and citizens alike to contact college and university presidents, demanding them to take immediate action to change the way sexual assault is handled on campus. While the “freshman fifteen” typically refers to the common weight gain by incoming college students, the campaign aims to steer the attention to a much more pressing issue: one in five women experience sexual assault during their time at college. Futures Without Violence has set precedence for changes in policy and education through public action in order to end domestic violence. “The OTHER Freshman 15” comes at a time when many young women have initiated protests and campaigns against university administrations for dismissing sexual assault reports. To read more about the campaign, visit the Futures Without Violence website.